What’s the practice schedule?

We practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6:00-8:30 pm.

Where do you practice?

Cincinnati Christian Schools 7474 Morris Rd. 45011

Will you send me a list of people in my area, so that I can contact them about possible ride-sharing?

Happy to connect players for ride sharing.

What’s the game schedule?

See the schedule tab for up to date schedule. Our junior high schedule won’t be finalized until early June.

How many games do you play?

The varsity team plays 8-10 games and the junior high team plays 6-8 games each season.

Who do you play?

While our schedule varies from year to year, we do play other homeschool teams from Indianapolis and Columbus along with other smaller public and private schools.

What equipment does program provide?

Helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, (7) pant pads, ‘practice’ pants and jersey, ‘game’ pants and jersey (there will be both a Home and Away Jersey)

What equipment do we need to provide?

Mouth guard, supporter/cups and cleats (player should have cleats by mini-camp time if possible as it is difficult to make many football movements without them.)

What type of cleats do you recommend?

Often fields can be very hard for much of the season (if there is a lack of rain), therefore – I believe cleats should have some ‘give’ to their composition.  The super-hard plastic or metal discs on the bottoms of the cleat can make them slippery on a hard field.

What type of lineman gloves do you recommend?

Look for gloves with some padding on the palm surface – like weightlifters gloves

($4 to $10 at TJ Maxx & Marshall’s, etc.)

How much does it cost?

2017 $450 varsity $350 junior high

Is there a multi-player discount available for our family?

Oldest player pays full price fee.  Each subsequent child receives a discount of $100.

Is there a fund-raising program to get a reduction in my player’s fees?

Our current fund raisers for 2017 include a mulch sale (through April 28th) along with ad sales for our program.

When are sign-up forms and money due?

All registration forms and fees are due by July 21st, prior to equipment distribution.

Who are checks made out to?

Checks should be made out to:   Landmark Eagles Football

Are there any volunteering requirements?

We are an all-volunteer organization.  Parents are need to help on game days with concessions, gate, chain workers, clean-up of the stands, etc.  The number of volunteer slots depends on how many players we have each year.

Can we pay an additional fee to avoid the requirement?

No, as a parent team, we work together to make this opportunity available for our sons.

Is physical needed? When is physical paperwork due? Any recommendations for where to go?

Yes.  An OHSAA physical is required to participate.  Completed physical forms must be turned in before player will be eligible to participate in contact drills & games.

How many coaches do you have, and who is returning from last year?

See coaches link on website.

What is your current roster size?

2016: 33 Varsity 22 Junior High

What are the requirements for being on the team - if any? (Home-schooled, etc.)

Players may be educated at home or in a private or public school.  We have players from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Players and parents must sign a code of conduct.  Junior High consists of players 6th-8th grade or 14yr by 8/1 of the current year.  Varsity consists of players 9th-12th grade or 19yr by 8/1 of the current year.

How does playing time work on both teams:

This is truly a coaching decision based on the ability of the player, the need of the team and the commitment to the team by the player.